Nanowrimo Update: 11/14

I expected to run into problems when I started this year’s Nanowrimo. It’s highly, highly unlikely that I will reach the common goal of 50,000 words this month given that I’ve written ZERO words.

However, I figured this would happen. I didn’t go into my first Nanowrimo thinking I’d go from never having written more than a rather short short-story. I also hadn’t figured out what story I wanted to flesh-out first. Now, I know what I want to write about and I am  feeling hopeful about this story coming to fruition. While I have not written anything so far that would go into the novel, I have mapped out a good portion of the story-line and I have a couple of character sheets that has helped me visualize how I want this story to go.

This Nanowrimo, for me, will not be traditional. I think of this as less of a goal to reach in a month, but more as a new year resolution. It is a way to jump-start my way back into creative writing.


New Beginnings: A Blog, A Goal, An Introduction.

Hello! My name is Mary. I built this blog to motivate me to work on my writing and  improve upon it as well. I hope to cultivate my writing by posting either full pieces of my smaller works and excerpts of hopefully my future novels. This blog will act as an archive of sorts in this way. I also want to use this blog as an outlet to log my writing progress for various projects.

I created this blog in response to Nanowrimo, which I am trying to participate in this year. I have had a late start, I hadn’t chosen a novel idea on time and I obviously hadn’t solidified an outline by Nov. 1. I’ve also had a ton of homework, essays, and projects to do this week, as I will every week until the semester ends.

I figure there isn’t a better or worse time to start and waiting will just make me more disappointed with myself. I need to start now on my writing, even if I get behind and even if not all goes according to plan. As I’m writing this, my blog is still on default settings with little customization. I intend to work on this passion that I claim to have as my own, even though I haven’t done any truly creative writing in… years.

Wish me luck. I’ll stay updated.